Hi. I'm VijeV. I help build your unique story and grow your business online.



VIJEV - Story-Driven Growth Marketing

I am a growth marketer, content creator, and product development consultant. I believe your brand is what people say when you’re not the room. How you present yourself online is how people find you, connect with you and most of all, trust you based on what you show the world. Are you building a side-hustle, a startup, or do you wish to expand an existing established company, the same principles apply - Tell your story that gives your brand a human connection.


Your Growth

Use the power of storytelling to grow your business.

Nimble &


I keep things purposefully small so I can create personalized solutions and execute at lightning speeds without the usual red tape with a human touch. It's about growing your business and nothing more.



Since 2014, I have been an independent business growth consultant for individuals and businesses leveraging local user-generated content to connect brands with people on a personal level.


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The stories you tell matters. Whatever you may do, however you do them, the human connection is the real reason people want what you have. Streamline your message and package it for online consumption.

Marketing Strategy

Now that you have your story, we need to get it out there. There are various touchpoints that are strategic based on the target audience and funnel the engagement towards building your customer database for your email marketing and communcaiton.

Photography & Video

Professional photography and video to create your visual message online and segmented for platforms of choice (e.g Instagram or Tik Tok).

Web & Product Development Consulting

Web/product development using various technologies including WordPress, Laravel, and native technology for advanced digital products.

Product Management

Streamline your product development with our expert product management services. From idea generation to launch, we'll help you bring your vision to life.



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