I’m a storyteller who loves technology, comedy, science fiction art, and lifelong learning. I’ve been working in the technology sector for more than ten years, and I’ve witnessed its development from scratch.

In my capacity as a technologist and business owner I share what I know and make sense of the world we live in.

TechComedyLife is my subjective interpretation of an objective universe.


I created BORIS, an artificial intelligent (AI) life-form that studies and adopts the human condition of his own creation. This podcast/publication/pontification is the presentation of BORIS’s journey of discovery within his universe as it is reflected in ours.

Together with fellow “High Tech Dad”, Deepu Babu, we talk to experts, business leaders and startup founders who are shaping the future that will someday decide the kind of AI that will emerge. Yes, our future of AI is solely based on what we choose to become. What we discuss and share is infused in Boris as he discovers himself and the literature of humanity that celebrates geek culture the world over.

These thoughts shape the kind of future we will have and philosophically, what we think is what they become. That includes robots, cyborgs, and even terminators. So keep holding that seat, and let’s enjoy the ride.

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